Alumni Blog Series: Richard Augustino

To me, being a TFFT alumn means being a role model to TFFT scholars in the scholarship program as well as young people in our communities. It also means believing in the work of TFFT and to be a living example of the impact of The Foundation For Tomorrow.

As one of the very first graduate of TFFT scholarship and an alumn now, my vision for the Alumni network is an independent organization thriving to help members of the network and working to impact the community. I hope for a strong family of leaders ready to extend the generosity from The Foundation For Tomorrow and sponsors/donors to others by giving back. Giving back in any form will make the TFFT impact bigger through us. We can give back in diverse ways: mentoring TFFT scholars, being a voice to women and children who are often unheard in most of our cultures, helping a family member or relative, being good citizens, and volunteering our free time to community service.

I think that the alumni can help a lot with building a TFFT spirit. Despite coming from humble backgrounds, we should be proud that our lives include a journey with The Foundation For Tomorrow where we were given opportunities that in one way or another led us to the paths that we are on today.

TFFT has greatly contributed to who we are as individuals in many different ways. We all have great and diverse experiences; thus, the alumni network can be a resource for current TFFT scholars where they can gain a lot of experience and skills to navigate life challenges through their education and in life after The Foundation For Tomorrow. Lastly, with our unique personal experiences, we can learn from one another, grow together, and work as a team to make the world a better place.