A journey towards somebody’s destiny has never been nor never will be easy, because a journey is a journey whether short or long. On the way, one faces different challenges, which are there to help them justify their course, although the most important thing when one travels is for them to have a goal for that journey. Yet to achieve it, we must break down the goal into small, manageable pieces. Every piece has its time and season for accomplishment, as King Solomon points out, “there is time for everything, and season for every activity under the heaven.”

form four

In October and November, 2013 we have witnessed our precious scholars sitting for their final exams in class seven and form four to mark their end at these two pieces of their goal. In fact, they have big dreams to achieve in life and the step they have achieved now is a define part of their bigger picture. Irene and Richard want to become pilots. Simon wants to become an Accountant. Happy is interested in Agriculture. Nancy wants to become a Fashion Designer. The list continues. Our scholars are prepared to select careers of their choice because TFFT invests highly not only on academic performance but also in life skills education and career coaching and mentorship.

The team here on the ground has been brainstorming how can we can expand the career coaching and mentorship program for our scholars so that it has a lasting impact on our scholars and it helps them become the real them. We invite your ideas from all over the world to contribute on the expansion of this program, which is very vital for our scholars.

This month all our form four scholars will have time to celebrate Christmas with friends and relatives, and in January they will join a four-week computer course. After that, they will do an internship in the areas of their career interest to help equip them with some practical skills before they continue their secondary education in July. Can we get a merry Christmas for them?!


Here is good news for our class seven graduates: The national exams results are out, and they have all passed! They also all passed their pre-form-one interview tests and are ready to begin their secondary school journey! Apart from that, they have been attending pre-form-one courses at different centers and schools here in Arusha. This helps prepare them to join form one, and makes it easy to cope with the transition with less stress.

Read here to familiarize yourself with the Tanzanian school system.

Hoping to post one last blog for this year… tchao!