My name is Katie and I am thrilled to be the new Development and Operations Associate in the Charlotte, NC office! Originally from Chicago, I have been privileged to have had access to tremendous education (and tremendous deep dish pizza) my whole life. I experienced how one teacher could alter the trajectory of my career and passions, offer a whole new perspective of the world, and give me the confidence to fight for my dreams.

I entered Elon University as an education major, hoping to help students see and realize their own potential as my teachers had done for me. As I became more involved at Elon and was privileged to spend time internationally, my passions expanded to the impacts of education in a larger, global context. I switched my major to business management in order to grow my skillset to be effective in the field.

After graduating from Elon University, I moved to the Rocky Mountains for the opportunity to work for an East African skills-based education nonprofit. I was able to learn the ins and outs of nonprofit development and was further inspired and motivated by the tremendous potential of millions of youth eager to be utilized in East Africa.

My commitment to improving the access and quality of education is rooted in my own experiences and in the multiplying effect of education. Studies have shown that the longer and higher quality an education one receives, many other facets of their life are also transformed — improved health and livelihoods and a lower environmental impact.

TFFT’s deep, transformational commitment to each student and teacher set it apart in my mind since I first heard about their work years ago. By ensuring that each student has all the tools, skills, and support necessary to tackle every obstacle, reach their potential, and improve their community, TFFT will have generational impact.

When given the opportunity to work for TFFT, I quickly jumped! My role within the larger TFFT family involves stewardship, campaign and event logistics, and operations. TFFT proves the power and influence that lies within a community of exceptional and dedicated people. I am eager to meet and experience the full impact of the TFFT family.