We are thrilled to welcome Haruni to the team as our Academic Affairs and Student Support Coordinator! His strong passion for quality education and our mission is inspiring, and we are excited to see the positive impact he will bring to TFFT. Welcome, Haruni!

My name is Haruni, I am married and have a two year old daughter. I am from the southern highland part of Tanzania. I attended university in Dodoma and Arusha. I enjoy spending time with my family, storytelling, evening walks, and engaging in sports and games like volleyball, football and biking.

I have always worked in an educational environment. I have been teaching biology, chemistry, and science subjects since 2006 in various schools. From 2006-2012, I taught chemistry and biology in secondary schools, and then from 2013-2015 I taught at the school of St. Jude. From 2015 through this past June, I served as an educational consultant before joining TFFT. Working in educational settings for ten years strengthened my ability to deal with academic matters, has increased my career awareness, and given me the knowledge of how to best work and communicate with our partner schools. My previous work also developed my understanding of basic student needs, which I see as a key asset to my role as TFFT’s Academic Affair and Student Support Coordinator.

I love making differences in people’s lives. Working with TFFT, I am able to do this through bringing to life the vision and mission of providing educational opportunity to vulnerable children. I believe that if most vulnerable children and orphans are given the chance to discover their potential through quality education, they can positively contribute to the development of their country.

I heard about TFFT in 2015 when I was working with the school of St. Jude and one of my co-workers described TFFT’s work to me which sparked my interest. When the job opened up and was a role that fit my experience and skill, I decided to apply so as to be part of the team and bring positive impact to the greater community.