TFFT introduced Family Cells with the intention of helping our Scholars to build psychological wellbeing, social life, and academic performance. The Family Cells help the scholars get to know each other better, as they spend more time together.


During our first meeting, we went through the following:

  1. The meaning of the family
  2. Roles of the family head
  3. Roles of the family members
  4. The importance of establishing these families of TFFT Scholars

The students were very happy to be introduced to this new system of families in schools. They said these Family Cells will help them to become friends with one another and they will be helping each other whenever they are having some problems.


We also shared with them that it is important to have leaders within the Family Cells, and these leaders will be responsible when the family head is not around.

During the meeting, we agreed that the Family Cell should be a happy place where all the family members need to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. In order to create a peaceful and happy environment in the family, we have to establish the rules which are fair to every member, and all Family Cell meetings must include fun activities in addition to discussions.


As the Family Cell Head, I am preparing lots of games and sports which will be useful activities during the next family cell meeting. What I have noticed is that the students have lots of knowledge and skills, so Family Cell meetings will provide a great time for us all to share our skills and experiences to equip one another. Also, Family Cell meetings will offer a time to help any younger or less strong students. The students have shown appreciation of having Family Cells as an important resource.