In 2018, We are making strong investments. We want to build momentum through our doers, donors, and door openers. Every step of the way, each of you are part of this bigger energy, and our goal is to help you see what role you play in our success and feel the glow to help others invest with us.

 Meet Katie Caniglia, volunteer and supporter of TFFT. She first learned about our organization through joining RIDETZ after attending our gala as a guest. She launched her own platform, itriforgood, and turned it into a platform for TFFT. She aligned her passion with our mission. Learn more about her below!

How did you become involved with TFFT?

Endurance athlete and long-time TFFT supporter, Meredith Dolhare introduced me to The Foundation For Tomorrow. Meredith and I were both TRYSPORTS Ambassadors and members of the TS endurance team though we’d never met. We never raced together either, mainly because Meredith competed at a level and pace that few people can. Meredith sent me a direct message on Twitter, commenting on our common passions (triathlon & serving others in need). Meredith invited Kyle and I to attend an event in Charlotte benefitting a non-profit organization run by a young woman whom she called, “one of my heroes”.  She was speaking about Meghann Gunderman. I was so curious.

In early November of 2011, Kyle and I attended the 5th Annual S.O.S. Gala as guests of Meredith and Walter Dolhare. It was a fun evening filled with poignant moments & laughter…and certainly a night that captured my attention. The following day, I emailed Kaitlin (Rogers Perez), simply taking up her offer to reach out and have coffee. The conversations and invitations flowed from there. If I had to sum up my entire relationship with TFFT from the beginning to present day, I would say this: “I accepted an invitation. I wanted to learn more.  I’m so glad I did.” These simple phrases ring true for each and every step along the way.

How does your passion align with TFFT’s mission?

I believe in the power and purpose of community and the potential to create unyielding opportunity when we share our time, energy and gifts in service to others. TFFT is rooted in these ideals.

Why do you give to TFFT and believe in the organization’s work?

I think at first glance, any one of us would be hard-pressed NOT to care about the children and communities that TFFT serves or the right for all children to receive a quality education in a healthy environment that nurtures their development while being surrounded by the love of great encouragers. One of the key differences for me that distinguishes TFFT from other organizations is how quickly and intentionally you are welcomed to move beyond that first glance and in to action. TFFT invites you to grow in community with them, in service to others. The emphasis placed on quality has resonated with me from the beginning.

To accomplish meaningful change and build lasting, sustainable opportunity for those without it, requires a relentless commitment by many. I have witnessed this commitment from TFFT and seen creative inclusion of many to advance their mission. I am continually impressed by the thoughtful attention given to cultivating each relationship. Everyone plays an important role in the success of this ongoing effort. Over the past 7 years, I’ve watched a dedicated team of people continuously measure and evaluate the changing needs of their students, team & partners, then adapt and rise to the challenge of meeting and exceeding those needs. I’ve seen a constant desire to collaborate. I’ve experienced the welcoming of a difficult conversation as readily as an exciting new idea in order to advance the mission of educating and caring for people in the most holistic approach possible. I give to TFFT because they are the greatest magnifier of possibility & potential.

What program within TFFT resonates with you?

Though not exactly programs, The Learning Center and RIDETZ have struck the biggest chord with me.

RIDETZ has been one of the greatest adventures and learning experiences of my life, tapping into my deepest sense of purpose and everything fundamental that ignites a spark in me.  RIDETZ is my favorite example of service through sport, allowing me to explore what is possible while creating possibility for others. Among many lessons, challenges like RIDETZ teach you that just outside your perceived limits, awaits everything you never knew was possible. Beyond self-discovery, the physical and emotional aspects of the journey connect you to the cultures, peoples and land in unimaginable ways. It will be a privilege to return to Tanzania in June to continuing learning and serving through sport with a debt of gratitude to TFFT. I can’t wait to see who joins us this year!

The Learning Center resonates with me for many of the obvious reasons and a few more personal ones. It is bold and unabashedly built by and for transformation.  Quality resources (of place, people and materials) all made accessible, expanding education and dreams for communities of people. I believe the depth and breadth of its impact will take generations to accurately measure.

In early 2013, I was in Tanzania for the first time, shadowing Meghann for a few weeks, learning and trying to soak up as much as possible about what I was experiencing. Among the many meetings and conversations that I was graciously included to attend, was a first meeting with architects for what is now The Learning Center.  Prior to the meeting, I had listened to Meghann explain the concept and goals, saw the plot of land where this extraordinary dream would grow and examined a draft floorplan sketched out on a piece of scrap paper. During a trip of so many firsts that filled me with joy and sent me scrambling for my journal, these memories stand out for two reasons – the magnitude of the idea was palpable and my belief in TFFT was certain.  Bold ideas require bold people to carry out bold actions. The Foundation For Tomorrow delivers nothing less.


We are grateful for Katie’s dedication to TFFT and her most recent alignment of passion through sport with our organization through turning her own itryforgood platform into our future TeamTFFT technology platform, which will be launching in the new year (more details to come). We are excited to share more stories about other supporters who align their own passion with our mission in 2018!