Scholarship Program

TFFT’s Scholarship Program is the heart of our mission, and every program TFFT develops and initiative TFFT pursues works for the greater good of our Scholarship Program.

This program is what makes The Foundation For Tomorrow truly unique.

Our Promise

TFFT’s comprehensive Scholarship Program has grown to include 82 children, and once part of the Scholarship Program, we promise our kids private boarding school education and TFFT’s guidance through their high school graduation (an average of 12 years).

In addition to funding their education, TFFT provides each child with a loving foster family, medical care, shoes, clothes, and the daily support of TFFT’s staff. We take them to doctors appointments, attend teacher conferences, teach them to care for themselves, burst with pride at their graduations, celebrate their achievements, and ask them about their dreams. We help them believe in themselves and life’s endless possibilities.

Our Commitment

Child Sponsorship is a great way to help a child in need, and over the years you will see the direct impact of your support on the child’s life. If you sponsor an orphan’s education, your annual contribution includes the cost of room, board, basic healthcare, textbooks, uniforms, and enrollment in primary or secondary boarding school.

You have the power to bring hope to the life of another child, what are you waiting for?

Please contact Kaitlin Rogers Perez ( for more information on becoming a TFFT Sponsor.


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