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Life Skills


It is important we all fill the void of the life lessons typically taught in a healthy home environment. We seek to provide our scholars with an education that allows them to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. TFFT’s Life Skills Programs underpins our work with our scholars and teachers, reaching into the community. Our Life Skills programming teaches social-emotional development, essential life skills, stretches students’ imagination, fuels their dreams, builds confidence, and deepens personal understanding. This empowers participants to become independent, compassionate adults, who are able to lead productive lives and are prepared to work collaboratively with their communities to address the issues facing their country.

Goals for the programs focus on providing Life Skills education to students through after-school programs, school clubs, and extracurricular activities. We train teachers and mentors in implementing life skills education programs and management of clubs at our partner schools, as well as providing life skills curriculum and resources. 

Youth Camp is one component of our Life Skills Program. Read more about it here!

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