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Teacher Training Resources

Teacher Training Videos

An important piece of TFFT’s Teacher Training Program is our teacher training videos. The videos are a platform for peer-to-peer mentoring and engagement between Tanzanian teachers. Often, teachers are provided with examples for teaching that are geared for a Western audience and are not relevant within their contexts. Therefore, relevant content that can be taken and applied in Tanzanian classrooms is a critical resource for teachers. Our teacher training videos demonstrate innovative ways that teachers are engaging students in extremely large classrooms and in schools with limited resources. The innovative teaching strategies highlighted within the videos cover the basic elements of current best practice, including participatory teaching approaches, practical activities, and inquiry-based learning, offering great benefits to both teachers and students. The engaging videos highlight innovative teaching activities, step-by-step instructions for implementation, and information about the ways in which the activities can be adapted in different contexts.

Teacher Resource Creation and Sharing Program

If teachers’ skills and knowledge of creating and using innovative teaching and learning resources is strengthened, they will be confident and able to produce, use and share a variety of innovative teaching and learning materials that will improve the learning outcomes for students. TFFT’s Teacher Resource Creation and Sharing Program facilitates the creation of innovative teaching and learning materials by and for teachers. This platform provides teachers with additional teaching materials that improve educational practice within target schools.

Through this initiative, we continue to witness better quality of classroom learning for all students, regardless of learning ability and style, due to teachers’ increased use of the innovative teaching resources that are shared between teachers and schools.