In the beginning of the year as TFFT team was strategizing for our respective programs, there were 3 things that the Teacher Training Program identified as essential to enhancing our service to the teachers and schools we work with: (1) to diversify our means of providing training to teachers; (2) to provide a venue where teachers and schools can share the best practices and innovations; and (3) to encourage teachers to network with each other and build a community of practice. The biggest question then was how can we do these 3 without bleeding out our budget (and our fundraisers in the US!) knowing that face-to-face meetings between teachers and schools to achieve the second and third goals would mean a lot of money given that schools are situated in different areas of Tanzania. The answer came in the form of a newsletter for and by teachers. Thus was born Tufundishane! Tufundishane, a Kiswahili word, means “let’s teach each other” in English.

We recently released the maiden copy of Tufundishane! and the response from the teachers and partner schools was fantastic. Aside from articles coming from 2 of our partner schools, this issue also features tips on using formative assessment strategies and importance of school clubs. There is a section too for literary contributions from students. The newsletter is also generating interest on TFFT programs from non-partner schools.

When we first broached the subject of this newsletter to the schools they readily said yes but I know they were unsure of how it would look like or how it would help them. But with the first issue in their hands, teachers this early are now submitting articles for the next issue!