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Tufundishane is a TFFT publication written for teachers by teachers. Tufundishane creates a platform for teachers to share their ideas and examples of best teaching practice with the wider educational community. Written in Swahili, Tufundishane is a biannual professional magazine that covers a variety of educationally relevant topics that can promote discussions, work to build community and collegiality between teachers, and affirm the efforts of those striving to improve teaching.

Tufundishane promotes the exploration of new teaching innovations that encourage better understanding of the unique needs of individual students and the practices that best support their success in schooling. Readers of Tufundishane can have their own ideas challenged, refined, or affirmed through reading articles, and learn about innovative practices they can incorporate into their own teaching. In areas where there are few opportunities to meet with other teachers of the same discipline, or professional development programs are limited, teachers can still learn and develop professionally.

Tufundishane gives teachers the chance to be connected to a wider teaching community. Regardless of where teachers are located across the country, this publication allows them the opportunity to access the latest educational developments.