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Teacher Training Program

TFFT recognises that teachers are at the front line of defense, and without an investment in teachers, we are failing our children. Teachers are the most significant determinant of student success both inside and outside of the classroom. TFFT’s Teacher Training Program works to ensure schools are better placed to provide quality instruction to learners. We seek to improve the quality of instruction in schools by training excellent educators, providing access to quality resources, and training of local partners and school management teams to ensure widespread, sustainable impact.

We provide in-service training on student-centered instruction, participatory teaching techniques, positive behavior modification, formative assessment, planning for effective instruction, and peer mentoring and coaching for teachers. Since the program began in 2010, we have directly trained more than 1,200 primary and secondary teachers and even more through cascaded training. Our Teacher Training Program is designed to enhance teachers’ skills to build their own activities based on the needs they identify in their schools and amongst their students in order to produce the best educational outcomes. These trainings have improved the quality of learning for over 92,000 students in those teachers’ classrooms. TFFT has incorporated trainings in schools throughout four districts around Arusha under the direction of the Tanzanian Ministry of Education.