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Fifteen years ago, Meghann Gunderman Sehorn identified a gap in the lives of orphan and vulnerable children in Tanzania: the need to provide access to quality education for orphan and vulnerable children. She made a decision to create a solution and founded The Foundation For Tomorrow. Meghann’s work, embodied in TFFT, is an example of a determination to lift each other up. As a key actor in the educational landscape, TFFT became a shining beacon of hope for children in the region.

What quickly emerged was a remarkable group of individuals, united in passion and purpose to drive TFFT’s mission further. It is marvelous to witness the incredible community that has grown out of our shared belief and passion to provide quality education to Tanzania’s most vulnerable children. Our collective effort has amplified our ability to affect change. The TFFT family is bold about our vision and our commitment to building hope for a brighter future. Please join us by celebrating both Meghann’s fifteen years of remarkable leadership and the next chapter of TFFT, guided by Inyang Ebong-Harstrup.

Share the Love for what TFFT has been and for what TFFT will be in the years to come!

We’re honored to continue to pursue our ambitious mission alongside you.

In celebration of 15 years of Meghann’s strong leadership, we are taking a look at the highlights of these years since our founding.

2004 – 05

• Meghann meets Mathayo, Yusuphu, and Hellena at The Nkoaranga Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania

• Meghann begins fundraising among family and friends to place the triplets in boarding school


2006 – 07

• Meghann establishes The Foundation For Tomorrow (TFFT) as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the United States and leads as Executive Director

• TFFT launches our flagship Scholarship Program, enrolling six scholars in boarding school

• TFFT registers as a Tanzanian non-profit and opens the first Tanzania office in Arusha

• TFFT hosts our first South of the Sahara (S.O.S) Gala


2008 – 09

• TFFT’s Scholarship Program grows to 39 students enrolled in private boarding schools

• Our Scholarship Program adopts a Whole Child Approach, embodied in Life Skills programming



• TFFT creates Team TFFT with our inaugural RIDETZ, a 400 mile cycling adventure from Kilimanjaro to the Indian Ocean, raising funds and awareness for our work

• TFFT launches our Teacher Training Program



• We invest our first million dollars into our programming

• The initial concept for The Learning Centre develops and Meghann and the team pursue the vision to expand TFFT’s services and bring quality education to the community, meeting the learner where they are


2012 – 13

• The Scholarship Program grows, with 76 scholars now enrolled

• TFFT presents at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland

• Strengthening our Whole Child Approach, TFFT introduces The Psychosocial & Health Program



• The first cohort of TFFT scholars graduate from high school

• Our Teacher Training team produces its first edition of Tufundishane, a newsletter written for teachers by teachers

• Alum Isaack starts his own business, our first scholar to do so!



• TFFT purchases land for The Learning Centre

• Our Teacher Training Program team trains 115 teachers

• TFFT initiates the annual Vision Trip, an opportunity to welcome individuals from the US to Tanzania to explore our work firsthand

• The Scholarship Program launches our Child Rights Training Program

• We forge a partnership with WaterBridge Outreach, working together on several projects, including the publication of early reader books in Kiswahili and the construction of washrooms at schools



• TFFT holds the first Life Skills Youth Camp for scholars

• The Teacher Training Program launches the Teacher of Distinction Award, recognizing and incentivizing excellent educators

• TFFT gathers parents, guardians, and scholars for our first Family Day, a celebration of the collective impact of all members of the TFFT family



• A big year for TFFT graduates!

• Alumna Irene starts university in Dar es Salaam

• TFFT alumna Agness launches her tailoring business

• TFFT alum Richard begins college in the United States studying computer science



• Our Psychosocial and Health team introduces Positive Parenting Training Program to empower the guardians of scholars

• We form a partnership with Thrive Global Project, equipping our scholars with school supplies and backpacks



• Driven by the successful completion of secondary school by our scholars, our Scholarship Program team launches the Alumni Program, including career coaching and mentorship programs

• TFFT partners with The Lunch Project, resulting in a feeding program that continues to benefit 4,407 children per year

• The Teacher Training Program trains 359 teachers



• Our team celebrates Irene, our first graduate from University

• In reaction to school closures, COVID emergency relief packets distributes to 105 scholars and their families

• The Teacher Training Program trains 745 educators and school leaders



• TFFT breaks ground on The Learning Centre

• TFFT hosts our first ever Teachers Training convention for 132 educators

• The U.S. office hosts our 15th annual S.O.S. Gala and raises over $262,000, more than ever before!

• Richard, a TFFT alum, graduates from university and gains employment at a major technology consulting company in Seattle, Washington

• Alumni Nicemary and Paulina are accepted into hospitality school in Switzerland


2022: Where We Are Today

• 107 scholars are active in our Scholarship Program

• 50 alumni are part of our Alumni Program

• 2,333+ teachers have been trained since our founding

• 169,932+ students have been impacted through teacher training since founding

• Meghann transitions to lead the development of The Learning Centre and hands her position to TFFT’s new Executive Director, Inyang Ebong-Harstrup