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Scholarship History and Impact

TFFT’s Scholarship Program is our flagship program. Helena. Yusufu. Matayo. These three children, triplets who were orphaned shortly after their birth with the death of their mother, were the beginning of The Foundation For Tomorrow. Meghann Gunderman Sehorn, TFFT’s Founder and Executive Director, met these children in 2004, while volunteering in Tanzania. Compelled to action and holding firm the belief that education unlocks opportunity that can change the trajectory of an individual’s life, Meghann grew determined to make a commitment to improve the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Tanzania. After securing funds among family and friends to provide scholarships for Helena, Yusufu, and Matayo, TFFT was officially launched in 2006. 

Through a comprehensive selection process that includes using the Poverty Probability Index students are identified as eligible to join our Scholarship Program. TFFT’s Scholarship Program, which operates in partnership with the Tanzanian education system, provides Tanzania’s most vulnerable children with a quality education. TFFT partners with local private boarding schools, placing scholars in schools best suited for their needs. TFFT scholars are supported throughout each step of their educational trajectories by our Scholarship team. Scholars benefit from our Teacher Training Program and thrive both in and outside of the classroom. 

We have now celebrated the accomplishments of over 100 children as they, for the first time, have had access to valuable guidance, instruction, and support, changing the course of their lives. Visit our Impact page to learn more. This program has flourished and even reached beyond TFFT Scholars, inspiring and igniting passion amongst countless others in their communities. TFFT scholars are sponsored by individuals from around the world.

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Scholarship History and Impact