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Parents and Guardians

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Family is an essential catalyst for any intervention aimed at improving the life of orphan and vulnerable children. Parents and guardians face challenges that make engagement and support limited and often lack the resources to implement positive parenting techniques. TFFT seeks to develop and improve support and guidance from the parents and guardians of our scholars. By building rapport and engaging parents and guardians in numerous ways, we are able to have a greater and more sustainable impact. 

TFFT’s Positive Parenting trainings serve to embolden parents and guardians ability to support students in impactful ways. Through Positive Parenting trainings, our team explores a range of parent-child communications. With each training session we are excited to exchange experiences, gain greater insight into the challenges that parents and guardians face, and foster better practices for raising physically and mentally healthy children. 

“The Foundation For Tomorrow has helped us benefit through different seminars that are given for us parents. The Positive Parenting seminars have taught us a lot of things and given us an understanding of things that we did not know before. The staff have expanded our ability to be there as a relative.”

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Family Day, an annual event, is another important way to engage the TFFT Family. Family Day celebrates the accomplishments of scholars and gives special recognition to parents or guardians. Family Day also offers the opportunity for scholars and parents to reflect on our collective annual impact and explore what the next year of TFFT Programming holds. Learn more about Family Day here.