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Teacher of Distinction Award

In 2015, TFFT instituted strategies in Meru District that seek to raise the profile of teachers in the community, recognizing those who are doing their best to support their learners through the Teachers of Distinction Awards.

The TFFT Teacher of Distinction Award is part of our commitment to improve and transform the conditions within the wider learning environment. One of the greatest challenges Tanzanian teachers face is lack of encouragement and incentives to grow and hone their craft. The Foundation For Tomorrow created the Teacher of Distinction Award to honor and award excellent educators. TFFT’s Teacher of Distinction Award incentivizes teachers through recognition and reward, motivates them to stay in the profession, strengthens their self-belief and professional identity, and encourages them to continue to transform the learning landscape. Further, the award motivates other teachers to follow leading teachers’ examples and shares examples of best teaching practices with school management teams.

In searching for recipients of the award, The Foundation For Tomorrow focuses on candidates with an ability to stimulate critical and analytical thinking among students and create an engaging and rewarding learning experience. We also look for teachers that have demonstrated innovative and creative teaching methods and curriculum development.

The Teacher of Distinction Award is one-of-a-kind in Tanzania and is part and parcel of the improvement of teacher education in Tanzania. Arusha City and Meru District have taken up this initiative and now conduct their own search using our criteria and processes.