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S.O.S. Gala

The 14th Annual South of the Sahara Gala
Presented by EchoPark

Schedule of Events

6:15PM EST

Virtual Cocktail Hour
Visit with the TFFT family over Zoom.

7- 8PM EST

Virtually Venture South of the Sahara
Turn off your camera and enjoy your journey to Tanzania, guided by TFFT staff and scholars.

It’s time to toast to TFFT’s collective impact in 2020! This year’s Gala will be like none that we have ever had before. On November 21st, we are inviting you to virtually venture South of The Sahara for an exclusive behind the scenes look at The Foundation For Tomorrow and Arusha, Tanzania through the eyes of our scholars. This transportive adventure will bring the faces and voices of the TFFT community to life in your home.

The biggest event of our year, the South of the Sahara Gala, is traditionally a celebration of the progress of TFFT scholars and your efforts in securing quality education and emotional support so they can reach their full potential, thrive in their communities, and contribute to society in meaningful ways. This celebration is always the biggest and most successful fundraising event of TFFT’s year, because of the incredible support from our donors over the years!

This year, you have the unique opportunity to take an adventure with our team to visit scholars and their communities, meeting and growing closer to members of the TFFT Family.

The Tanzania team is so excited to bring you on this journey! Buy your ticket today!