“Going Places” with TFFT!

Laine Boswell, our Seattle Ambassador, a long time TFFT supporter, and sponsor has used her passion and gifts to create an amazingly unique product in honor of TFFT. We so enjoy being able to weave what our TFFT Family loves to do with our mission – enhancing not only our work in Tanzania, but each others lives. Read her words below to learn more about GOING PLACES, her inspiration, and how this special collaboration will benefit TFFT’s mission and vision!

I am thrilled to be connecting with all of you fellow TFFT supporters and community members. Just as The Foundation For Tomorrow envisions a world where all children are able to contribute to society as active and empowered citizens, I know all of us who already have that privilege want to use it in beneficial ways.

That concept brings me to GOING PLACES! GOING PLACES is a wine project that I have been dreaming about for many years. It represents a way to bring together my career in the wine industry with my deep appreciation for the goals of TFFT. One of the most meaningful parts of my work as an importer is the opportunity to share stories about other people, places, and their cultural traditions through the lens of wine. Now I also hope to use wine to spread the word about TFFT’s incredibly valuable work and the connections it fosters.

The idea began over a shared meal with friends and has blossomed into a much larger collaboration, which we hope will foster additional connections and give our work greater meaning and purpose. A number of extremely talented and dedicated people have joined together to create a new wine, with a portion of sales going to TFFT.

GOING PLACES is 100% Pinot Noir from the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The grapes were carefully selected and sourced from an organic, biodynamic vineyard by Thomas Monroe, an extremely talented Portland winemaker. Tom never compromises quality and is tireless in his quest to continue learning about his trade and to make the best possible wines.

The label art for GOING PLACES was created by an extremely accomplished Seattle artist, Jennifer Ament. Jen works primarily within the medium of encaustic painting as well as printmaking. The moment we met, I knew exactly why her art spoke to me. She is the epitome of strength, drive, curiosity, and openness, and her mission is to pave the way for female artists and activists.

And, it was my incredibly creative and talented cousin, Anna Boswell, of Cast and Company who helped to develop the overall design and incorporate the artwork and text into an aesthetic vision for the wine bottle and the associated marketing materials.

The GOING PLACES label was chosen for this project because of its bold imagery and the concept of all of us walking together and moving forward. The title of the piece, GOING PLACES, also struck us as the perfect representation of our hopes for all of the children whom TFFT supports.

Whether its sharing a glass of wine or collaborating with each other in other unique ways, I hope the GOING PLACES project will foster new ideas to support TFFT and our extended community.
To order GOING PLACES, please go to my website: www.grandcoeurwines.com Click “purchase” and you will be directed to a secure site for buying and shipping this special wine by the bottle or case. Please help us help TFFT in this way.



GOING PLACES Pinot Noir is the product of a very special collaboration between two friends with a shared passion for wine and the cultural traditions it represents. GOING PLACES is an homage to the amazing vineyard lands of our home, the Pacific Northwest, but also to the worldwide reach of wine and the opportunities it has given us to live out our dreams. To ensure that others also have the chance to follow their dreams, a percentage of profits from each bottle of GOING PLACES Pinot Noir is donated to The Foundation for Tomorrow, which invests in teachers and students in Tanzania. Help us secure quality education and emotional support for orphaned and vulnerable children so they, too, have the opportunity of GOING PLACES.

“Everyone has the ability to make a difference, to be the change in using the tools that they have been given or worked to create and build.”

Region: Willamette Valley, OR (Chehalem Mountains AVA)

Vineyard/Vineyard Practices: Azana Vineyard – Organic & Biodynamic farming (750-950 ft elevation, Jory soil, Dijon clone)

Tasting Notes: Fresh, bright cherry with a hint of violet aromas and a touch of white pepper. A graceful texture develops after opening, complemented by notes of freshly picked raspberries and blueberries. Bright, fleshy, and harmonic with a few years of aging potential.

Pairings: Ideal for an aperitif and with salmon, grilled vegetables, roast chicken, and pasta. Beautiful as a summer and fall red wine, given the lack of oak aging, but can be enjoyed during any season!