Teacher of Distinction Award

TFFT believes quality education transforms lives and that teachers and school leaders both play key roles in achieving this. TFFT works to improve the quality of instruction and management in primary and secondary schools. To do so, teachers need to feel valued and inspired! With this is mind, TFFT awards select teachers in Meru and Arusha City with a Most Outstanding Teacher Award (MOTA). Read below to hear from Noah, TFFT’s Teacher Training Program Manager, about this year’s awards!

The Foundation For Tomorrow provided The Teacher of Distinction Award (TDA) to 20 most outstanding teachers of Arusha City and Meru District Councils. The awarding ceremony was done during Education Week, on July 6th, 2018. This was a special week and day to teachers and other educators in celebrating the achievements of teachers in educating the children of Tanzania. The District commissioner of Arusha, Mr. Fabrian Gabriel Daqaro, who was the guest of honor during Education Week, The Foundation For Tomorrow staff, teachers, education officers and the other educators in Arusha City and Meru District came together and congratulated the teachers for the strong passion and efforts they have been exerting in providing instruction to our children.

TFFT, through the Teacher of Distinction Award, gave the monetary award and certificate of recognition to the selected winners of Teacher of Distinction Award. The principal objective of the award is to improve teachers’ self esteem and professional identity as a means of promoting inspirational, transformational teaching. Therefore, each awardee received a cash prize of 150,000TSH ($65) and a recognition certificate. We strongly believe in the power of this award to shine the spotlight on teachers, incentivize them through recognition and some financial reward, to motivate them further to stay in the profession, and to continue to do the best job they can and motivate other teachers to follow their example.

In searching for these teachers, The Foundation For Tomorrow engaged District Education Administration and School Quality Assurance Team and we focused on the following criteria:

  1. Ability to stimulate critical and analytical thinking among students
  2. Ability to create an engaging and rewarding learning experience
  3. Innovations and creativity in teaching methods and curriculum development
  4. Commitment to helping students who need learning support
  5. Teacher’s attendance in teaching their assigned classes.

86 teachers were nominated in both Arusha and Meru District, and to select the 20 awardees, the following deliberation procedures were followed:

  • Stage 1: Calling for nominations from teachers and school leaders.
  • Stage 2: Shortlisting of the nominated teachers, which was done by TFFT team through a review of applications.
  • Stage 3: Interviews and microteaching of the shortlisted candidates was conducted by the ward education officers, district education officers, and school quality assurance team.

It takes heart to help shape little minds but our teachers choose to do so for best interest of our children and the nation as a whole. Lets us join our hands to inspire the teachers who are doing the best they can. TFFT believes that by investing in teachers’ development and support, we are helping to improve the educational landscape in Tanzania.