Meet our 2019 Share the LOVE Team Leaders!

This year will be our 7th year of SHARE the LOVE, a fun Valentine’s Challenge. Everyone has their own feelings about the Hallmark holiday that characterizes February. We at TFFT embrace the concept of Valentine’s Day as a way to simply SHARE the LOVE to the teachers and students we serve in Tanzania. Valentine’s

Introducing Pippa!

Hi, I am Pippa, and I am the newest member of the TFFT team based in Arusha. I am Australian by nationality, but I have been raised, by wonderful parents, with a love of different cultures and a desire to travel and experience the world as it really is. I personally never expected to

Introducing Laura!

Hello friends and supporters of TFFT! My name is Laura Thompson, and I am thrilled to join The Foundation For Tomorrow to assist with grant writing and development efforts.  This is an exciting opportunity for me that brings together my passion and admiration for TFFT with my love of writing and commitment to non-profit organizations.

Introducing Molly!

  Hello blog readers, internet browsers, and TFFT advocates! My name is Molly Grubbs and I’m thrilled to be the new Communications and Marketing Associate for The Foundation For Tomorrow! Though TFFT has team members all around the globe, I am currently based in our Charlotte, NC office. I love being here because Charlotte has

Introducing Our SHARE the LOVE Team Leaders

We are excited for our SHARE the LOVE Challenge to continue through February 14th! We have 10 awesome Team Leaders who have committed to SHARE the LOVE this season. Today, meet the challenge’s superstar Team can make a contribution to one of their campaigns! We hope that seeing the creativity and fun these individuals

Introducing Katie!

My name is Katie and I am thrilled to be the new Development and Operations Associate in the Charlotte, NC office! Originally from Chicago, I have been privileged to have had access to tremendous education (and tremendous deep dish pizza) my whole life. I experienced how one teacher could alter the trajectory of my career

Introducing Alex!

Hello! My name is Alexandra Lawrence and I am thrilled to be joining the TFFT family as the Communications and Marketing Manager. This past month marks my 12th move around the world as my significant other, Danny, and I recently moved to Phoenix, Arizona: a new adventure for us in our personal lives, and also

Meet Kieran from Team TFFT

We are thrilled about our new Team TFFT website, which makes it possible for both individual and group fundraisers to support TFFT in improving access to quality education through athletic endeavors. We'll be sharing more soon, and today, we are excited for you to meet Kieran, one of Team TFFT's athletes. He is a freshman in high school, and his story

Introducing Haruni

We are thrilled to welcome Haruni to the team as our Academic Affairs and Student Support Coordinator! His strong passion for quality education and our mission is inspiring, and we are excited to see the positive impact he will bring to TFFT. Welcome, Haruni! My name is Haruni, I am married and have a two year old daughter. I

Introducing Sarah!

Hello! It is with great excitement that we introduce Sarah Weishaar, TFFT's new Director of Development and Strategic Partnership! Sarah's passion for education, extensive experience working with nonprofit organizations, and knowledge of philanthropy make her the perfect fit for the role. Our entire team is eager to work with and learn from Sarah. The Director of Development and