Team & Board of Directors


Meghann H Gunderman, Founder and Executive Director, USA
Kennedy Oulu, Country Director, Tanzania

Anton Asukile, Partnership Development Manager, Tanzania
Chloe Crocker, Full Circle Program Director, Tanzania
Erasto Kyando, Scholarship Program Director, Tanzania
Hedwiga G Mchaki, Scholarship Program Coordinator, Tanzania
Uswege Mwakapango, Training and Logistics Program Coordinator
Melissa Queyquep, Teacher Training Manager, Tanzania
Kaitlin Rogers, Director of Communications and Donor Development, USA
Daniel Stephen, Administrative Officer, Tanzania
Ramon Richardson, Director of Operations, USA



Lou Collins, Chairman; CFO, Infinisource
Jim Coughlin, Treasurer; IBM
Jennifer Player, Secretary; Crisis Assistance Ministry
Meghann Gunderman, Founder; TFFT
George Hornig; Pinebridge Investments
Denise McFadden; Covance Central Laboratory Services


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