Who Are We?

The Foundation For Tomorrow (TFFT) believes in the power of education and that geography
should not dictate an individual’s potential. Our programs holistically support orphaned and
vulnerable children in Tanzania and improve the quality of education in Tanzanian schools.

Why Do We Do What We Do? 

  • There are nearly 2 million orphans in Tanzania today. —Unicef
  • 45% of the population of Tanzania is under the age of 15. —World Health Organization
  • Unsupported orphan and vulnerable children (OVCs) are nearly twice more likely to drop out of school than non-OVCs. —Unicef

Our Theory of Change 

Providing holistic support to most vulnerable children will positively influence attitudes of communities, civil society actors, and the government to secure quality education, child protection, and equity in development.
The pre-conditions are:

  • If vulnerable children are effectively identified and provided with sponsorship, then they will access education.
  • If schools, care-providers, and teachers capacity is developed then they will establish an environment supportive of learning, skills development, innovation, and child protection.
  • If the government & CSOs policies and practices on education is influenced, then quality of education & access thereof will improve.

Our Model


Our Story

TFFT’s life story—like any good story—is filled with challenges, successes, tragedy, love, and great hope. TFFT’s life unofficially began in the summer of 2004 when Meghann H Gunderman spent a summer volunteering at Nkoaranga Orphanage. The general state of despair at Nkoaranga Orphanage, the women who struggled to care for 30 children under the age of five, and the sweet children who called the orphange their home struck a deep chord with Meghann.

Helena, Matayo, and Yusufu, in particular, captured Meghann’s heart. She spent many nights brainstorming how she could help these four-year-old triplets. You see, there are over one million orphaned and abandoned children in Tanzania, and, because of that staggering number, most orphanages do not have the capacity or resources to care for children over the age of five. Therefore, with their 5th birthday, many children age out of their orphanages and are pushed to live on the streets.

What began with a plea to family and friends to help place these triplets in private boarding school has grown into The Foundation For Tomorrow, an organization passionately committed to investing in children and the power of education.

TFFT officially incorporated at the end of 2006, and our Scholarship Program remains our paramount program. TFFT was born from a vision to educate Helena, Yusufu, and Matayo, and our focus remains that personal. TFFT partners with orphanages and private boarding schools. Our scholarship students come from our Partner Orphanages, and we place them into our Partner Schools.

Additionally TFFT operates Full Circle, a life-skills program, and our Teacher Training Program, working hand in hand with the Ministry of Education. Helena, Yusufu, and Matayo celebrate their 17th birthday in November 2017 and are thriving in our Scholarship Program with 110 other TFFT Scholars.


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