There are over one million orphaned and vulnerable children in Tanzania. Because of this staggering number, most orphanages do not have the resources or capacity to care for students over the age of FIVE. Therefore, with their fifth birthday, many children age out of the only home they have ever know and are left without the means to attend school. This devastating reality motivated Meghann Gunderman to create The Foundation For Tomorrow in 2007.

TFFT Believes:

  • In a just world where all children have equal access to quality education
  • In the power of investing in educators because quality education transforms lives
  • In the limitless potential of our scholars because OVCs are valuable to society
  • In using partnerships and collaboration to provide access to innovative learning platforms because systemic change starts at the community level
  • In responsible growth to maintain organizational integrity


The Foundation For Tomorrow envisions a world where orphans and vulnerable children contribute to society as active and empowered citizens free of exclusion, disadvantage, and vulnerability.

Our mission is to secure quality education and emotional support for orphaned and vulnerable children so that they may reach their full potential and thrive in their communities.

To achieve this we have designed and implemented incredibly personal and longitudinal programs that create a family for orphaned and vulnerable children in Tanzania and improve the quality of education in Tanzanian schools.


“We will be there for you. We will support, encourage, and guide you. We will cheer for you and challenge you. We will open your eyes to life’s possibilities, and we will share in your dreams. We will be your family.”


Meghann Gunderman first worked in Nkoaranga Orphanage in 2004. That experience propelled her to take action, which lead to the creation of TFFT, and Nkoaranga became TFFT’s first partner orphanage.

“During the three months that I lived and volunteered at the orphanage, I witnessed the harsh realities that orphans in Tanzania face. I also fell in love with Maasai triplets. I was devastated to learn that they would soon be homeless and without means to attend school.”

— Meghann Gunderman

The triplets became TFFT’s first scholarship students, and they are now thriving at Usa River Academy.

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The TFFT Team works tirelessly to create a family for the children we support. Providing the love, support, and guidance they need and deserve is our shared goal. To know these kids is to love them, and waking up each day to see their smiles gives our team the assurance we are truly making a difference.

{Meet the courageous and compassionate individuals behind TFFT.}


{Meet our students}


We currently work with eight orphanages and children’s centers and four Tanzanian-run boarding schools in Northern Tanzania. The teachers at our Partner Schools are trained through TFFT’s Teacher Training Program, and we oversee projects to improve the living conditions at our Partner Orphanages.

{Learn more about our Partner Schools and Orphanages.}


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