Unpacking Vulnerability

“Vulnerable” is found frequently in TFFT’s newsletters, on our website, in our notes to our donors and volunteers, and in our blog posts. Vulnerable is  heard when we speak about our scholars, written into our vision and mission statements, and scattered throughout our social media posts. We use the word vulnerable as a main

Child Protection Conferences

Tanzania Child Rights Forum (TCRF) is a member based platform and charity organization with a network of approximately 200 non-governmental institutions that work with and for children. The Foundation For Tomorrow has been a part of this network since 2015 and we have seen its significance through sharing and capacity building sessions conducted via

The Impact of Peer Mentors

“It takes courage, patience, passion and willingness to share and help someone." Mentoring involves learning from someone who encourages you to grow, and this learning process is based on a developing relationship between a mentor and a mentee. The learning process become effective when trust between the mentor and a mentee has been established. I

Eradicating Poverty: Tanzania and Worldwide

“Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the action of human beings.” Nelson Mandela Nearly half of the world’s population, over 3 billion people, live on less than $2.50 a day. That’s around $75 a month and only $900 for an entire

The Beauty of Dreams: 2018 Graduations

Whether you are finishing kindergarten or university, graduation is an exciting time for all students and those who support them. It is a time to realize how far you’ve come and a time for reflection. “When I look back, I see all the sleepless nights and hustles together with memories of beautiful learning moments--I

Child Rights Training

The Foundation For Tomorrow believes in the power of education. Therefore, we aim to create child friendly school environments that automatically enhance educational performance. International laws against torture, abuse, and neglect are all applicable to children, including the principles that govern detention conditions, such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Having

Stay Up To Date with TFFT!

The Foundation For Tomorrow envisions a world in which all children contribute to society as active and empowered citizens, free of exclusion, disadvantage, and vulnerability. We believe that offering opportunity to the future generation gives hope for a better tomorrow for us all. Since our beginning 12 years ago, we have consistently looked at

2018 RIDETZ Student Rider: Meet Neema!

We are less than a month out from RIDETZ 2018! Our riders are busy preparing for their journey across the world, and that's not even the fun part! When they arrive in Tanzania, they will embark on a 400 mile, 10 day bike ride across the country. Each year, we like to have student

With Gratitude: Lighting The Way at the Arusha Gala

Meghann, our Founder and Executive Director, discusses the outstanding outcome of our Arusha, TZ Gala this past weekend and the impact made by all of the gracious guests of the evening!   TFFT Family,   WOW - we are so excited with how the weekend’s event went, it was an evening to remember. Thank you so

Service Through Sport: The Creation and Collaboration of TeamTFFT

It's a Friday Feature! Katie Caniglia, long-time donor, supporter, volunteer, and friend of The Foundation For Tomorrow discusses the creation and collaboration of TeamTFFT, and joining her passion with our mission in service through sport for all. How you find your way to push past your perceived limits and pursue ways to be impactful starts with WHY. WHY you